Waupaca County Economical Development Corporation
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It all started when…

Early European explorers found over 70 earthen and effigy mounds in the shape of fish, turtles and people. In 1851, Waupaca County was created, and under pressure from European-American development, the Menominee people ceded their title for the land to the United States by treaty in 1852. By 1853, Waupaca County was organized and named after the Waupaca River, which comes from a Menominee word meaning ‘white sand bottom’, ‘pale water’, or ‘Tomorrow River’.



Waupaca County is rich with history, from the early beginnings of the county, to the growth that continues today. Sit back and enjoy some of the interesting lores and information about this beautiful county we love to call home.

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 Silent Sports

From hiking, biking, kayaking and canoeing, to horseback riding, snowshoeing and so much more, Waupaca County has trails, parks and a multitude of opportunities for everyone to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

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Yes, it’s true, ‘WHITE BASS CAPITAL OF THE WORLD’. Waupaca County not only has some of the best fishing in the State when it comes to Walleye, but if you like a good time and a boat load of fish, we truely do have ‘THE BEST WHITE BASS FISHING IN THE WORLD’. And that is no tale. Hands downs the white bass run in spring can literally be called, ‘catching’ not fishing. You will have the time of your life reeling them in. And while White Bass and Walleye top the charts, there are plenty of other fish to catch here too.

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