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Visit our communities and find out why the people of Waupaca County love to work, live and play in this beautiful part of the state of Wisconsin.



Discover the birthplace of four-wheel drive technology and Wisconsin Central Airlines during your visit to Clintonville! A trip to Seagrave Fire Apparatus, the longest running fire apparatus manufacturer in the United States, is a fantastic opportunity. Explore the Four Wheel Drive Foundation museum to learn more about where it all got started.

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Fremont, nestled on the pristine Wolf River in Northeast Wisconsin, is the definition of unspoiled natural beauty. Visitors enjoy golf courses, nature trails, water sports, casual dining, shopping, and northwoods lodging. This friendly community welcomes guests and help create an experience that is truly memorable.

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Auto enthusiasts immediately recognize Iola as the home of one of America’s largest car shows. Thousands of people come to Iola every summer during the second week of July to experience hundreds of classic cars and scores of swap meet spaces. For a true small-town Norwegian heritage experience, attend the Iola Winter Carnival during the first weekend in February. 

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Experience a picturesque small town with a vibrant downtown area that highlights the town’s friendly atmosphere. Several small businesses offer everything from homestyle dining to relaxing bed and breakfast lodging. Plan a visit at the beginning of July to experience the Mid-Western Rodeo, an award-winning rodeo that draws thousands of rodeo fans each year.

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Experience small-town hospitality and a wide range of outdoor recreation during your visit to Marion. Enjoy lakes, streams, farm land, and public hunting areas that offer opportunities to see whitetail deer, turkey, grouse, geese, ducks, rabbits, squirrels and even the occasional black bear. Located equidistant from Green Bay, Wausau, Appleton and Stevens Point, Marion is close enough for trips to larger cities but far enough away for ideal peace and quiet.

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New London

New London wolf.jpg

If you love fishing and boating, New London is a fantastic destination. With two rivers inside city limits—the Wolf River and the Embarrass River—there are endless opportunities for fishing, boating, tubing, canoeing and kayaking. Enjoy the ambience of dining in area supper clubs, visit Mosquito Hill Nature Center, or play a round of golf at beautiful Shamrock Heights. No matter your interests, New London has something for everyone.

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Natural beauty surrounds the City of Waupaca as the Chain ‘O’ Lakes features fishing, paddling, and boating opportunities in a vacation home setting. Venture into downtown Waupaca to find many unique shops. Historic sites and the Ice Age National Scenic Trail provide an opportunity to explore nature, while Hartman Creek State Park has a playground, beach, equestrian trail, and much more. 

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Located in the heart of Central Wisconsin River Country, Weyauwega has access to both the Waupaca and Wolf Rivers. This quaint rural community is located on the historic Yellowstone Trail and speaks volumes of history by name and nature. Its foundation has been built around the 250-acre Lake Weyauwega, and the community is home to worldwide award-winning cheeses. 

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