About Us

Since 1995, the Waupaca County Economic Development Corporation (WCEDC) has been providing assistance to both private businesses and public sector organizations, in an effort to strengthen the local economy and enhance the quality of life for all citizens. Below is a sample of the projects the Corporation has engaged in to accomplish these goals.

Private Sector Assistance:

  • 67 loans to Waupaca County businesses in the amount of 4.4million dollars
  • 7 Successful Tax Credit Applications in the amount of 1.5 million dollars

Public Sector Assistance:

  • $500,000 grant award and administration system for an award-winning, countywide Comprehensive Planning Project
  • $100,000 in grant awards for countywide tourism development

Simply put, the Corporation is an advocate for the benefit of Waupaca County businesses, communities and residents. Whether it is securing funding from federal, state or regional resources, working with businesses on opportunities like exporting or government contracting, partnering with local school districts, technical colleges and regional and statewide workforce organizations on training, or building relationships through community projects and entrepreneurship, the WCEDC is truly a non-partisan promoter and activist for development in Waupaca County.